Allows you to set the resolution time for incoming requirements. Find out immediately that the requirement will be closed if it is not resolved in time. Always maintain your service level agreement with the set dissolution time. In Zoho People, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between the management teams (human resources or administration) and the end user that defines the expected level of service. . Keep your customers informed of the progress of errors using email notifications that trigger when certain pre-defined conditions are met. Let them be sure that errors are dealt with in the best way possible. Once an ALS has been triggered and a query is triggered in the asset category, a timer starts running and appears next to the case. .

SLAs that have degenerated can be displayed in cases > views > degenerate cases. Service level agreements will help you automatically set a deadline for tickets based on criteria such as the channel from which the ticket originated, the customer who increased the ticket and the status of the ticket. This will help your agents decide which tickets need their attention immediately and which tickets can be resolved later. In this case, we have established that the reminder email is triggered one hour before closing time. We can define some corrective measures in the escalation actions that will be triggered if the ALS is not completed within the blackout period. In the event of an ALS violation, Zoho Desk automatically degenerates late tickets to the manager or agent concerned. You can customize a simple set of rules to control these actions and manage tickets more efficiently. For every ALS you create, you can set a target you want to reach. You can set z.B. that any problem marked as “Show Stop” must be closed within six hours. Or that a solution to the problem should be published within the hour.

Managers and superiors can create a personalized view to display a list of all SLA-Violated tickets. You can then replace and manage these tickets, either directly or assign them to another team member, to ensure a timely solution. Also degenerates for a single requirement if it is not met during the settlement period. You become one of the four hierarchical levels.