To view the updated discount limits in the discount agreement, select the conditionality rate managed in the agreement and select the “Payment Data” symbol. Create the “partial discount compensation” (credit) billing document in reference to the “partial compensation requirement” using the “VF01” reservation code. Default status: indicates the default status of the discount agreement. In general, it will be “open.” Some of the advantages of using discount management systems are: Step 4: Trying to remove the old contract -1844 (go to the VBO2 agreement – delete) Note: If we store the discount agreement, the system creates a “no. ” for this agreement. We will maintain a “no” for this. Area reserved for the discount agreement. Go ahead; In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. You are: Partial count: Here we must specify the type of proof “R3” to establish a requirement for reduction compensation divisible when entering the payment in the discount agreement. Payment method: Shows the standard method for paying the amount of the discount to the debiteur. For example, it could be a credit or a cheque, etc. Text search procedure: Include the corresponding text search procedure for the discount agreement with the corresponding text identifier.

The aid indicates that the condition will be erased during the next reorganization race… To set up the discount, we will activate the discount in the next 3 areas. Proposed valid by/proposed valid for the standard validity periods that the system automatically proposes when creating the discount agreement. Delay from date is very important whether or not we offer a retroactive discount. If we leave this field empty, the discount is valid from the current date. If we specify the value “first day of the year,” the rebate contract is valid from the first day of the year, although the agreement is established on the current date, called retroactive discount. When the old contract was removed, the following error was displayed “Order Type B1 is not defined for the sales organization 6600 , 00, 00” credit rebates in which discounts are received by a supplier. The distribution agency must be relevant to the processing of rebates. Check the status of the discount agreement, if it is B, change it to “empty” and then try to remove the agreement.

He wanted to erase the agreement and create new ones and followed the next steps. A discount is an agreement between the company and the debtor, valid for a specified period of time. The discount agreement shows the percentage of the discount offered to Debitor during the specified period. The system calculates deductions for each applicable invoice and reserves them on the corresponding in-kind accounts and also updates them in the corresponding discount agreement.