No – only examiners can use the appropriate form to claim the costs they incurred. The Degrees Research team does not reimburse any fees to superiors or departments. The RD1 form must be submitted four months before the student`s intention to submit your thesis to the Degrees Research team. Please note for the form below: Students admitted to the joint doctoral program, which has at least two years of normative studies in Hong Kong, may be eligible for HKPF. However, the Research Grants Council will only provide monthly conference and research travel grants for HKPF award recipients enrolled in the joint doctoral program while studying in Hong Kong. When they study at the partner institution, they get the standard PGS. Although the Faculty of Arts provides faculty grants for joint doctoral programs to assist students with KCL study and research activities, applicants are reminded that students are responsible for the costs associated with their studies on board the CLC, including travel, housing, insurance and livelihoods. They should make financial arrangements in advance to ensure sufficient financial support for their studies abroad. New students must enter into a student/supervisor agreement after a first meeting with your superiors. Introduction As part of the joint doctoral program between the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the Schools of Arts – Humanities and Social Science and Public Policy at King`s College London (KCL), a student obtains a unique doctorate from two institutions.

In principle, all faculty programs and eligible HKU facilitators can participate in this program. Common doctoral options are available in KCL in the following programs: If you are not satisfied with your supervisor, you should speak to Professor Michael Kerr, Professor Michael Kerr, Department Director Michael Kerr. This can be an unpleasant affair, but if you feel like you need to change, you have to say it.